Thran Utopia #39: Dark Ascension Threeview (part 1 of 2)

One set. One-hundred-and-fifty-eight cards. Three words per card. You know the drill – let’s do this.


overcosted green card

just for limited

see above card

stop whining, woman

white curses, dafuq?

sucky mausoleum guard

another limited card?

maybe, constructed, maybe

horned turtle armors

swings combat around

conqueror’s pledge much?

best white card

gutter grime fodder

combo deck potential

“<C2> white flyer”

spirits: annoying bunch

The Grudge 2

everyone is doomed!

lolcats invade magic

spirit sneak attack

decent air force

combat trick #infinite

“this roast stinks”

white hate bear

dangerous: anthem creatures

burn the corpses!

*  *  *


new distortion strike

another underwhelming mythic

exclude plus one

yay, bad aura’s

much better aura

milling, communism style

sadly, too situational

ooh, more curses!

kamigawa to innistrad

damn scary ghosts

love this card!

love this name!

more laboratory zombies

skaab are wormfangs

noes, books attack!

calm now, books

angry birds: innistrad

versatile, therefore powerful

Innistrad special: McSkewer

great movie cliche

tongue through cheek

blue burning vengeance?

a giving magpie

fixed mind control

lightning paraglider equipment

“but dentist, my-“

like I needed

*  *  *


four leg clawer

vorthos activation cost

cursing silver bullets

cursed with curses

creature-based kill spell

sshhh, it’s okay

gives you wings

stupid baseball references

gorgeous artwork, period

where is geralf?

undying without keyword

name deserves better

new LSV material

ambition is expensive

beneficial black two-drop

easily splashable temptation

best preview article

flavor homerun, again

awesome German name

“where are you?”

you human betrayer!

art beats card

mind your step

what’s that symbol?

wow, sick flyer

birthing pod potential


*  *  *

That’s it for today. Come back soon for the rest of the set!

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