Luis Acosta

I’m a man who needs many introductions at this point. I’m not a known name except by a few. I’m trying to make a name for myself through helping people develop as I make my way into top level tournament play. I’m definitely a Spike but no one would be wrong for thinking I’m a Johnny as well. I love combo, evidenced by my playing Valakut back when we had to run Expedition Map. Words of wisdom…..don’t ever do that. Currently I do gameplay videos of decks I would recommend playing to show some thoughts behind my play style. I do lose a fair bit so they’re not perfect games.

I am both an MTGO player and a Paper player which is a lot harder when you don’t work for big stores to borrow cards from. I don’t use it as an excuse, but just do my best to win and play to break even or profit. That’s what I hope to show everyone. If I can get even one more person up to a level where magic pays for itself, I will be satisfied with my effort. That doesn’t mean I’m done, but that I met my first goal.
After that I’d want to be known well enough that I can make puns with the best of them and face off with the pros with drinking a bottle of Salsa on the line. I have plenty of goals to accomplish. Bringing some knowledge and an affinity for awesome to the community will be my first one.

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