Stijn Lamers

My Magic adventure started around Christmas when I got a Portal starter set. The adventure ended soon thereafter as I did not understand the game. Luckily, a friend independently bought the game, taught me, and got me hooked. I’ve never been a tournament player, mostly since I work on Friday nights. I do, however, visit a prerelease of each new set.

My play style is very limited. If a card draws me cards, wipes the board and/or is very flexible, I probably like it. Yes, I am a very control-oriented player. No matter how hard I try, all my decks gravitate towards the slow decks that grind out small advantages to set up an invincible late-game.

So it isn’t hard to determine what I’m going to be writing about: casual decks, and mostly control decks at that. You’ll find the occasional combo or tempo-deck, but that’s about it. Luckily, with a master’s degree in Communication, I tend to think I can put random words together pretty good, so I hope you’ll like it.

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