Joe La Dow

Hi, my name is Joe La Dow, you may know we as pureval on MTGO, Twitter and various forums. I have been playing Magic since Revised, going into retirement off and on throughout the years. Some career highlights include tying for first in an FNM and nearly making day one of GP Boston. At my local store I am known for winning one pack during tournaments and more value then the guy who wins the thing.

I guess I would call myself a casual player, although I rarely ever actually get to play the game. I am still very involved in the game however, brewing up (sub)standard decks during slow periods at work, reading the novels and following as many Twitter discussions as possible. In my column I will discussing things that do not necessarily involve playing the game of Magic.

If you desire I can be found via e-mail pureval at earthlink dot net, twitter @pureval , or on the front seat of the best roller coasters on the East coast.

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