Amanda Stevens

Hey folks, I make up one half of the admin duo of Red Site Wins.  Like Luis, I have been steadily striving to make a name for myself in the Magic: the Gathering hash tag on Twitter. I have been playing Magic for about the past 10 or so years now and have tried many a style of play. When I first got into Magic, I was your average Timmy. I was big into the concept of big creatures and Blaze style spells win you games. That is until I got destroyed at my very first FNM. That brought out my inner Spike and I began to play a very simple version of U/W Control with Orim’s Chants, Boomerangs, Counterspells, and Arcane Denials. So much fun. Nowadays, I am more a casual player with a very Spikey side. I compete weekly at FNM and have tried my hand, poorly, at the PTQ scene for the PTQ Nagoya Extended season for 2011.

You can come to expect articles on casual formats like Tribal, Emperor, and Star. Since my play group is heavy on the multiplayer, my deck ideas and assessment of cards may not be so hot for you duelists out there. But that is just fine. Occasionally I will discuss the decks I am playing at FNM and how I come to make decisions for subtle deck changes week to week. Expect to see FNM reports when I can make the effort to record what is going on.

All in all, I am here for you guys so feel free to contact me by commenting here on my author page or mentioning me on Twitter @Sagegnosis. And remember to always keep it casual.

  1. totally thought you where a dude…sigh it all makes sense now

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