About Red Site Wins

What is Red Site Wins?

The first thing I should point out is that Red Site Wins is not a Republican support site. Nor are we affiliated for with any other political party for that matter. But enough joking aside. Red Site Wins is yet another Magic: The Gathering blog. I think we can hear the groans from here. So, what makes us different from our “competitors?” And I do use the term “competitors” lightly. The difference between us and all those other sites is we are, for the most part, the regular Joes. Sure, there are PTQ players on the site. You may have seen some of our writers on the other sites. But we are here for you all. That means every comment will be responded to, every suggestion will be taken into consideration, and we will never get too big for our britches.

I want to write for Red Site Wins, can I?

No! Just kidding. The more the merrier, but as many of the starting bullpen can tell you, we just have a few questions for you first. What would make your casual, EDH/Commander, Standard, competitive, financial, etc article different from the ones we already have? What is you’re unique and special take? Also, what else can you contribute besides articles to Red Site Wins? A site needs more than just writers. So please keep that in mind.

“It’s Tuesday and there isn’t a new article up, what gives?”

Alright, this is a little understandable, but let us just point something out. Unlike some of the big name sites out there, our authors are volunteer writers. Which means that every writer for the site is doing this because they want to; not because they have to. With that said, none of our writers are lazy or negligent. Things do come up in our lives and that sometimes means an article will go up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. We appreciate and value your readership and we hope you can patient with us.

  1. I would like to take a brief moment and point out a glaring contradiction on your “it’s tuesday night and there isn’t a new article up” section. I just read on my google+ feed that you are getting sponsored by Don’s Magic and Sundry. I say this not to be nitpicky, but to congratulate you! Read a few articles on your site, and will definitely be continuing! Whether or not they are always posted on Tuesday. Cheers guys.

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