Thran Utopia #39: Dark Ascension Threeview (part 2 of 2)

Time to finish up this Dark Ascension set review with the red, green, multicolor, artifact and land cards. Vamos!

[part 1]


unwieldy artifact removal

hello there, deathtouch

good limited removal

ruined my prerelease

curses deck, viable?

finally, real Slith

me no likey

more good flashback

pandemonium of death

heads will roll

only one arm?

“you! over here!”

hellrider of oxid-ridge

lovely at prerelease

could be fun

minimum: three damage!

slow yet tempo

punishment after transformation

boring mythic, neeeext!

where is nearheath?

limited, then constructed

giant becomes wolves

take that, humans

remember that wheel?

form of wolverine

really tiny devil

is too cumbersome

*  *  *


I hate Briarhorn!

three’s too much

flyers and… artifacts…?

new sakura twist

another revolting concept

radioactive swamp bear

overgrown battlement deck

sadly, no evasion

when poop attacks

bad creeping renaissance

vanilla-est of vanilla

deathly wild growth

hurr… hello Clarice

double deadly recluse

granny has secrets

such great flavor

more to proliferate

unreliable mana source

bland, better bears

new constructed trendsetter

really cheap flashback

“who woke me?!”

“heard that too?”

hit or myth?

annoying limited trick

*  *  *


nice cycle, this

new archetype arises

your consecrated replacement

missus cap’n tickles

my first target

this, or immerwolf?

not huntmaster’s pet

all’s been said

uncommon lords suck

*  *  *


burning vengeance deck

sit boy, sit

jump those hoops

like stoneforge sucked

“Oh, it’s John!”

most discussed card

vulshok human morningstar

opened at prerelease…

will use eventually

really interesting concept

torch for werewolves

*  *  *


budget players rejoice

will this work?

could be something

sure constructed hit

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