Ando Ferguson

I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering since 2001, when I was 10. Before that, I started my career in TCGs with Pokemon, at the age of 6. I started getting serious with M:TG around 3 years ago. I love Legacy, where I can play against a different deck every round, and Commander, where I can see the big spells go and slug it out. My highest success at a tournament was second place at a local store event (Not a big SCG open), piloting Belcher. My two proudest M:TG accomplishments in a tournament match are casting Grapeshot for 36 damage on the first turn with The EPIC Storm and gaining 10,060 life without the usage of an infinite combo (Beacon of Immortality shenanigans was involved). My favorite color combination is Blue and Green. I love tokens and drawing cards.

In other words, I’m an average M:TG player. Oh, and I’m deaf.

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