Sean T Patchen

My Name is Sean T Patchen aka @SwordsToPlow on twitter.  I love Magic the Gathering in all its glorious forms.  I have been playing since Shadowmoor.  I play Vintage Peasant, Standard, Extended, Legacy, Commander, Planechase, Draft and sometimes just casual; all on a regular basis.  I like to play, design decks, trade cards, buy cards and I started altering cards earlier this year.

From a competitive standpoint I am mostly a FNM level player.  Aside from a surprising finish in the 2009 regionals and a handful of GPT, PTQ and Gamesday top 8s, I have only been successful in smaller tournaments and non-sanctioned tournaments such as Peasant and EDH/Commander.

I collect anything old, foreign or shiny.  I have 2 Commander decks that are completely pimped.    If you are ever trying to get rid of your foils, I will be happy to give you good deals on them.  I overvalue most foils I trade for, knowing I am not likely to trade them away.

I play Commander more than any other format.  I have 6 cardboard decks and 1 MTGO deck as I write this.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this number is much larger by the end of the year.  One of my favorite parts of Commander is designing decks.  My articles will cover deck tech for Commander.  Specifically, I will try and promote cards and combinations that I don’t think people know about.

I love to look at people’s deck ideas.  If you ever want any deck advice or you have any questions/suggestions for me, you can email me at  I will be giving away free cards to twitter followers as my followers increase.  At 150 followers I will be giving away an altered Basalt Monolith.   Follow me @SwordsToPlow to be entered.  There will also be contests for readers on this site that will have prizes such as fat packs, booster packs and some pimp cards for your Commander decks.  Keep reading the articles for more details.

  1. What an ugly Icy Manipulator

    • Such a troll 😛 It’s one of my favorite versions, and being a foil definitely helps. At least it isn’t the Ice Age Version.

  2. Lattice/Forge and Forge/Disk. i approve *thumbs up*

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