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The Commander’s Chair – Zombie Infestation

The entries are in and a winner has been chosen for The Mimeoplasm’s zombie challenge. Before we get to the winner, I want to cover some ground on zombies in Commander and how to make them good.Whenever you build any Commander deck, you need to choose a path to take for victory. Just making a tribal deck isn’t going to make your deck a force to be rockened with. Before you even start putting the list for your deck together you should have a clear idea of how you want to knock other players out of the game.One of the cards I was really hoping to see decks built around was Rooftop Storm.

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The Commander’s Chair – Possibilities of Innistrad

Innistrad has been out for a few weeks now and so far I have seen very few cards from the set that have had an impact on Commander. We are a little too early into the set to have enough flip cards to create a new themed deck. However, if you were a fan of Vampires and Zombies, Innistrad has given us some great new tools to work with.  Today I am going to be reviewing some of the tribal gems from Innistrad. Read the rest of this entry

The Commander’s Chair – The Redemption

Earlier this year I helped a kid at the local store build a Caw-Blade deck. Jace, The Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic were dominating the format and he was having a tough time getting all the pieces together. I was only able to get him the cards he needed with the help of the online community. As a result, my collection got jostled around in a major way. I ended up losing some value, which was both expected and not a big deal. I did benefit in one way; I ended up staring at a Japanese foil Doubling Season.

This card has been sitting in my I-am-never-going-to-trade-these-cards binder for several months without finding a home. I was talking to a good friend of Red Site Wins, Chas Andres, about his highly impressive cube. You all probably know who Chas is. He is one of the big name financial writers over at Channel Fireball. If you do any sort of trading, I suggest reading his articles. He is also the reason many of you are reading this article today. Chas wrote about my experience with the kid and trade sharks in the shop. As a result, our overall readers doubled overnight. Back to the story, Chas and me made a trade in which I received one of the single coolest cards I have ever seen. This week in the mail I received a Japanese foil Tooth and Nail. Hallelujah!!

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The Commander’s Chair – Pauper to Prince

It has only been a few weeks since I wrote my first article on how to upgrade the Commander precons. After several discussions I noted that there was one serious flaw with the way I was approaching both building and upgrading Commander decks. I have not been taking the price of cards into account. As a result, I have been giving advice that not everyone could follow. When @mikelinnemann suggested that I write an article covering upgrades of Commander decks at different price levels, I went to work.

Today I will be covering $5, $10, $50, $100 and higher cost upgrades to the Commander precons. By covering this I hope to not only show cheap and easy ways to improve your Commander decks, but also to show what makes up the difference between the Commander precons and Commander decks that are ready to take on all comers. For the purposes of this demonstration I will use the Counterpunch precon.

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The Commander’s Chair – Forums of Doom

Yes, there is a spirit of EDH, and that’s not it.” – Sheldon on my article The Voltron Matrix

Now, I’m going to say this: the SwordsToPlow guy who wrote that blog article sounds, to me, like a DREADFUL person to play with, I would have a very hard time having fun playing against the sort of decks he seems to like to build.” – Thaematurge

Do you feel the love?

Sadly, there are more statements like these I could pull from forums.  After getting into several arguments with people online, I had a realization. The only people who were arguing with me were arguing with me based only on theory. The people who were criticizing me had never played with or against the lists I posted on the site. I think the issue may be that I have not written how I think the deck should be played. Today I will be going over the decks I have completely built and how I go about playing with them.

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The Commander’s Chair – Hmm, Upgrades

By now, the new Commander decks should be available to everyone. I hope everyone reading this is able to pick up at least one of the decks. After you are done playing with these decks against each other in their natural state, you will want to make some improvements, so that you can start playing against regular Commander decks.

Tweaking a Commander deck is an ongoing process for every Commander player. There is not a “best deck” available like you get with competitive formats. For most Commanders there is not even a best build for their deck. Today I will be going over the basic method for upgrading your Commander deck using the preconstructed deck Mirror Mastery as an example. Read the rest of this entry

The Commander’s Chair – Why Everyone Should be Playing Commander

I have heard a slightly disturbing rumor; there are people out who walk among us who play Magic the Gathering, but they do not play Commander. As hard as it may be too believe, I still hear people saying they do not play and that they do not have any interest in playing. In general, these people are “competitive only” players who treat Commander and any casual format as a waste of time.

Today, I am here to tell you that while Commander is a casual format, Commander is not just for casual players. Everyone who plays magic on any level should find a way to get in a few Commander matches every now and then. Hopefully after reading this article, you can start playing yourself, or convince some of your spikier friends to start playing. Read the rest of this entry

The Commander’s Chair – The Age of Legends

The full commander spoilers have been released. I do not think I have ever been more excited for a release. We have 51 all new Magic cards. More importantly, we have 15 all new multi-colored legends to add to the list of possible commanders. Today, I will be going over each of the new multi-colored commanders and what archetypes they could accommodate.

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The Commander’s Chair – Magical Mushrooms

Last week on twitter, I asked which tribe people would like to see as an example tribal deck. The twitter community answered back with a wide variety of suggestions. These suggestions ranged from the commonly known elves and goblins to the more obscure tribes such a Homarid and Unicorns. The tribe that got more than 5 times the votes of any other – Fungus.

Tribal decks are unusual, in that they are not completely an archetype on their own. Tribal decks work by choosing a tribe, and then working with the natural archetype that goes along with that tribe. For example, Azami decks are wizard tribal decks. Most people do not think of them as tribal, since they play like either tradition control or speed combo decks. Still, they play almost exclusively within the wizard creature type.

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Thran Utopia #9: Of ducks and swans

Hello there! Today I’d like to pay some attention to a few of my decks that underwent a few changes, decks that demand changes, and even some decks that turned out to be pretty awesome. That’s the beauty (or perhaps pitfall) of physical experience with a deck – you never know how your baby will blossom. Today is about a few ugly ducks, and a few decks that turned out to be beautiful swans, and everything in between. Five decks – let’s sort the duck from the swans! Read the rest of this entry