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Thran Utopia #17: Taking a leap

As you will know by now, my decks tend to fall on the control-side of the spectrum. The cards I like are rarely fast critters; I love drawing cards more than anything, and I’ll take value over speed any time. Today, however, inspired by a MTG-article I cannot recall, I decided to get over it and try my luck at an attack-deck. The weird thing is, I’d rather play a slower deck and lose, than play a fast deck and win. Unless the fast deck is fast, but has enough flair and diversity to keep me interested. Now that my goals are set, only the execution is left!

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Thran Utopia #9: Of ducks and swans

Hello there! Today I’d like to pay some attention to a few of my decks that underwent a few changes, decks that demand changes, and even some decks that turned out to be pretty awesome. That’s the beauty (or perhaps pitfall) of physical experience with a deck – you never know how your baby will blossom. Today is about a few ugly ducks, and a few decks that turned out to be beautiful swans, and everything in between. Five decks – let’s sort the duck from the swans! Read the rest of this entry

Budget Deck#2 Control on a Budget.

Before I can talk about any control deck, I feel like I have to talk about the two different types of control and the colors that can produce them. The first type is most commonly what people think of when you are talking about control. None permission control deals with things that prevent you from resolving spells or abilities. Most people assume this only covers counter spells like Mana Leak, however it covers a far broader field. Things like Phyrexian Revoker and Linvala, Keeper of Silence are great examples of none permission control that may be over looked in today’s standard environment. A hugely popular none permission control card that you might never of realized is Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Read the rest of this entry