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The Grinding Stone – Cincinnati Open

Welcome to another installment of “The Grinding Stone.”

Your host, Chris VanMeter here, excited to talk with you about Cincinnati this last weekend.

Although I played some of the worst magic I ever have, and did terrible in both the Standard and Legacy events, I definitely have some things to go over in preparation for Seattle.

While getting ready for Cinci I was already set on playing Hive Mind for the legacy event, courtesy of a sweet list from Tom Ma, so I used the majority of my effort on testing for Standard. I was expecting a meta of Valakut, Splinter Twin/Ascension, Caw Blade, U/W control and U/B control. I couldn’t find a deck that I liked against everything, and found that the Mono Red match-up was especially difficult for most decks unless they devoted a lot of sideboard space to it, and even then it wasn’t un-winnable.  Turn 1 Goblin Guide puts you so far ahead on the play a lot of decks are unable to recover.  On the draw, he still does so much damage, it makes all of your other spells more effective.  Here is the list I ended up playing after some consultation with AJ Sacher the night before: Read the rest of this entry

Modern Legacy: The Legacy of M12

Woo-hoo! A new set, new cards! Oh wait. A core set? Ah well, do not worry! There’s still some really interesting cards in the set. By my count, there are four cards that have great potential to be played, and This article will talk about each, along with highlighting what decks they might go into.

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Modern Legacy: Return of the Walking Dead

I played at the recent SCG Legacy Open in Baltimore, and I got 20th overall. I think that high of an finish obligates me to write a report and even write up a primer of sorts on my deck of choice. What was the deck that I brought? It was LEDredge.

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Modern Legacy: Options

I have enjoyed success in my last couple of Legacy tournaments, more than I have had in a while. After some consideration, I think I figured out the reason for that success. It is because I had a different approach to these tournaments. I feel that this approach can be summed up in a single word: “Options”.

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Modern Legacy: A Fish Out of Its Pond

There is a deck in Legacy, which has every one of its creatures and most of its lands within the Modern cardpool, really  losing only 12 cards when we take it out of the Legacy pool. That deck is Merfolk, a favorite of many Legacy players, possibly one of the most common Legacy decks there is. The deck’s strength lies in its synergy within its creatures, along with the massive tempo gains afforded by Force of Will, Daze, and Mental Misstep. Could such a deck exist in Modern? We’ll follow along in my efforts to build and strengthen a Modern Merfolk deck.

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Modern Legacy: An Introduction


First, a bit about myself:

I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering since 2001, around the time that Planeshift and Apocalypse was released. I started playing frequently in tournaments in the Mirrodin era. Yeah, I survived Raffinty. I got in the Legacy format maybe 2 years ago, and it was love upon first sight. Why? I fell in love with the sheer number of viable decks. Standard often has only like 3 or 4 decks that are good. In Legacy, there are 30 or 40 decks that can win. I play Legacy as much as I can.

Now that Wizards has announced the new format on the block, Modern, I became very interested in it. There’s nothing like the thrill of discovering new decks in a new format, really. In this column, I’ll write about Legacy and Modern (I’m hoping it becomes an actual format), once a week, on Tuesdays.

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Thran Utopia #10: Rules of the house

Hi everybody and welcome back! Today I would like to discuss the rules we have established within our group. When you are not playing in a competitive setting, there is absolutely no harm in changing a few things here and there to allow the group to keep having fun, or to have more fun. We have even done this outside of Magic, using the stack when things get blurry in Arkham Horror or Fluxx to solve these issues. But today, I’m gonna go over the house rules we have in our group, why we have them, and why house rules are good for you and your game. Read the rest of this entry