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M12 Next level Goblins

With Magic 2012 fresh out of the box I thought it was time for a Goblin update. What better time than with PTQ Michigain right around the corner right? So rather talk about possible good cards and decks I have been thinking about but dont plan to play lets get right into it with the exact list I plan to play. Read the rest of this entry

Budget Deck#2 Control on a Budget.

Before I can talk about any control deck, I feel like I have to talk about the two different types of control and the colors that can produce them. The first type is most commonly what people think of when you are talking about control. None permission control deals with things that prevent you from resolving spells or abilities. Most people assume this only covers counter spells like Mana Leak, however it covers a far broader field. Things like Phyrexian Revoker and Linvala, Keeper of Silence are great examples of none permission control that may be over looked in today’s standard environment. A hugely popular none permission control card that you might never of realized is Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Read the rest of this entry

Budget Deck Wins!

In a competitive world where Jace, The Mind sculptor, Sac lands, Swords and Stone forge Mystics seem to be king; the price minded player might feel like they are left behind unable to keep pace with the best and most costly of decks. Most of what I have read in the way of budget builds are untested deck lists that may or may not work. And, lets be real, most of the time they do not work anywhere near as well as they look on paper. Other budget minded writers have written about specific cards rather than attempt a full on deck and sideboard which leaves most to struggle alone trying to piece together something around the suggested card. Finding the right mix can take a lot of trial, error, time and play testing. Read the rest of this entry