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Taking a Stab at GP Montreal

As many of you know, on September 16th through the 18th I traveled up to Canada to compete at Grand Prix Montreal. It was an amazing experience that I will probably never forget. Not only for the way it changed the way I look at the game but also the way I want to compete. On the opposite of what Luis said in his article about the GP, I really was riding high on my competitive spirit. I had been doing well at my local drafts, placing well at my FNM, and just feeling the Fire just burn inside me. I had missed Top 8 at my GPT by one place. So, as I finally got into the car for Montreal I was really feeling good about my chances despite having no byes. But this is a poor start of a story, there should be a beginning.  Read the rest of this entry

Taking a Stab at: SCG Boston

Two weeks ago, a couple of friends and I made our way to Boxborough, Massachusetts. Why, what was happenithere? Well, ever heard of the Star City Games Open Series? Well, this weekend was SCG Boston. Yeah, it was in Boxborough, go figure. Anyway, I am going to avoid talking to you about my epic fail at the Standard Open playing my Jumanji list hasn’t been updated in months. Nor am I going to touch on finishing 23rd in the first Draft Open.

I think I mainly just want to talk about the fun I had. Also, some tips on how to survive a weekend in SCG Land. Read the rest of this entry

State of the Union #2 – We’re growing up

Hey everyone. We have some grand news for all of you faithful listeners. We now have a sponsor. Isn’t that great? What does that mean for you guys? Well, not a whole lot. We aren’t merging with the sponsor and such. So Red Site Wins is not going to become you’re one stop for all your Magic: The Gathering needs. However the benefits you, the reader, are getting from the sponsorship is that over time we will be improving the overall look and caliber of the site.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all who the sponsor is. It is Don’s Magic and Sundry. He is very active in the Magic online community and has been a huge help to us in the process of developing the site. Whenever I said “I wish Red Site Wins had a sponsor,” most people told me to go talk to Don. So, finally I did. Go check out his site. His prices are competitive while still being fair. And did we mention he carries card alters? Yeah, thought you’d like that.

State of the Union #1 – Standing Behind One’s Actions

Howdy, Amanda here. Usually I would be speaking to you all as the writer of Path to Casual or whatever other article I am throwing up on the site. But, today I can’t talk like that. Today, I need to speak to all of you as one third of the administrative staff of Red Site Wins. Yesterday, a joint article by Jason and Sean went up about why their significant others chose not to play magic with anyone but them. The idea for the article dates all the way back to an article by Jackie Lee on the site, Womanhood is not a Draft Archetype. We joked after recording an episode of Red Cast Wins that the only way to get views on the site was to not actually write about the game. Jason said he was going to interview his girl friend about why she won’t play Magic and Sean said it was a great idea and that they should do a joint idea.

Read the rest of this entry

Path to Casual: Player Responsibility (part.1)

I normally would rather write about some new cool thing you could do with the Tribal format. Or maybe an article about how to build with synergy for Emperor. Heck, I’d even rather write about how good of deck CawBlade is in Standard, and I hate that deck with a passion. But, today, I’d rather talk about something entirely different. Something that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with casual play, theory, deck construction, or anything else you are probably accustomed to in a Magic: The Gathering article. I would like to discuss a little thing called player responsibility. Read the rest of this entry

Tribal Wars: Fungus

In this week’s  The Commander’s Chair, Sean did a Tribal themed EDH/Commander deck. The tribe his listeners had chosen was Fungus. Which, as far as tribes go is pretty weak. It is pretty slow to get the Fungi spore upkeep affect going without using splashed colors to speed up the deck. And the lords are pretty meh at best. So, when I mentioned to Sean I would run a Tribal format deck list article of a 60 card version of his list I knew I might be biting off more than I could chew. The good news is that I think I may have done it. The bad? Its a Fungus deck? I am just kidding. I hope you all enjoy my walk through of my version of a Fungus Tribal deck. Read the rest of this entry

MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic, Presenting: #46 – Amanda Stevens

In this episode of the MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic, Presenting series, the Host(s) interviews:  Amanda Stevens

This weeks Men of Magic interview is with a person who is the lead on the site Red Cast Wins, along with host of Red Cast Wins podcast. A journalist who has interviewed Patrick Chapin and who manages at the end of the interview to make the host do more answering than giving of questions.

Your Host(s):  Rob Martin
Show’s Email:

Amanda, Chewie, and 3 other Dorks aka The Mana Pool Interview

This is the long lost interview between Amanda and the dorks from The Mana Pool. Originally this interview was slated for the now defunct Top Deck Hero and was slated to never be seen again. However, with some luck and talking to Mike from Top Deck Hero, the interview is now here on Red Site Wins for your listening pleasure.

Taking a stab at GP Providence

Hey folks. I have returned from GP Providence with some bad news. I am a total scrub. Haha, just kidding. But no seriously, going to GP Providence was quite the experience and I thought I would share what I learned from my experiences at the event. Especially what some of you should remember to do when you leave to go to a large scale tournament. Read the rest of this entry

Sitting Down with KYT of

Welcome everyone. Last week you were all treated to an amazing interview with Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin. This week, we are honored to have had the opportunity to KYT. Maybe you have heard of Kar Yung Tom. Ya know, the guy who is the lead host of the Eh! Team and Crazy Talk podcasts. Or maybe you’ve been to his site Or have seen him over on Twitter as @Manadeprived. KYT can possibly described as one of the hardest working men in Magic: The Gathering.