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Red Cast Wins #10 – Commanded

We have a special guest from Commandercast, Byron Bean. We laugh off standard and navigate around the problems with Planeswalker Points to bring a Commander centric episode of Red Cast Wins.


Red Cast Wins #10 – Commanded

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L.A. Dreams: Why I won’t be playing PT: Honolulu

There is a good chance I am qualified off Planeswalker points for Pro Tour Honolulu. Currently I am ranked 23rd in the world discounting GP Milan and SCG Nashville. Given that I can expect 10 North americans to be in the top 85, and about 20 non-north americans to be in the top 100 I am guessing being in the top 85 is about 98% likely to mean an invite to the PT. With almost a 200 point lead against anyone beyond 80th I am pretty confident that I will qualify as long as I do well at FNM. So why wouldn’t I play at Pro Tour Honolulu if I did manage to qualify and have my ticket paid for?

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L.A. Dreams: I Sealed that GP weekend. (Part 2 of 2)

No alarm woke me on Sunday. I was able to sleep until my body felt satisfied. It was still early enough to get breakfast before the heading to the GP. Amanda was deciding to skip the PTQ while I was going to enter for possible product and because I had no commander deck to play. The morning went by fairly slow consider we also had to check out and find me a way to get a hotel room for Sunday night. After my horrible showing at the GP I was pretty neutral to everything.

I do consider going 4-3 after 2 byes to be a bad showing since it meant no day two. Though I know it isn’t as if I had as much control as I wanted. Saturday came back in flashes all morning while I waited for the PTQ to start. After I was X-2 and @cardboardwitch was X-1 we had a discussion. This memory probably was one that came back to me throughout the PTQ and possibly why I did so well.

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L.A. Dreams: I Sealed that GP weekend. (Part 1 of 2)

I have to be honest as that’s the only way I’ll have the drive to write up this report. With the recent bannings, the switch to planeswalker points, and the fact that none of the GPs announced so far are in canada I was beginning to consider the end of my even remotely serious magic playing career. I planned to just go full judge if anything. This GP was my last chance to prove to myself I had a chance at being a Pro player. This seems extreme but I don’t get to go to events other than FNM even remotely often. This is my second GP ever and my first was GP Tampa some 2 or 3 years ago.

Maybe it was the lack of big events that had really driven me to this point. I mean to say that I had lost that fire. The reason that drives me to play magic because I was secluded from all but my small world at the LGS. I needed this weekend and everyone that gave me even the smallest reason to chuckle has rejuvenated that drive in me. Thank you to everyone I got to meet. Let’s get into the real meat of the matter with some awesome news for those not in the know. Fade to flashback~~~

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L.A. Dreams: Level 57 Lulzmage

Wizards has just announced their new rating system. Planeswalker Points is the name and it murdered the ELO system that needed to be killed off anyway. Other than the fact that there is no level that actually earns the title of “Planeswalker” there are issues with this system. I will give it a season before I really say if it’s too broken or not, but something is a bit screwy.

You can check the following links for more information.

Gathering Magic

Daily MTG


Now that that’s out of the way we can get to the juicy stuff.

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Into the Arena: M12 Sealed TNMO #1

A long over due return of videos!

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L.A. Dreams: Some quick M12 limited and Raffle Winners!

I will be announcing the winners of the raffle to get me to GP Montreal! I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved but there’s no way to put into words the experience. GP Montreal has gotten me to play more limited matches in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 2 sets released. I am still no expert but have a record of an 8-4 win, two finals of 8-4’s, 3 where I did not prize, and I was doing well in a 4-3-2-2 except for having to suddenly drop before finishing R2. Sealed has been strange and I am something like 10-6 or so. Enough with throwing around these almost useless numbers.




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L.A. Dreams: Anyone spare some change?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

A line we often hear but seldom remember. Maybe not that we forget but more like we hope. We hope that our Goblin deck isn’t going to be crushed like last week. Hope that people won’t have all the flashfreezes against our valakut deck. That cawblade will die.

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L.A. Dreams: The Deck Builder’s Riddle

“Who cares if you’re running consecrated sphinx? You’re playing cawblade.”

“You’re trying to hard to bring cawblade back. You don’t have Jace or Mystic”

“You’re just playing the same cards over and over again. It’s SO boring.”

I have been told such things many times by people who consider themselves “Rogue” Deck Builders. I have no qualms with people building whole new decks and will even do so myself if the format warrants a kick in the face. This article is to hopefully show that there is a balance to running new cards and proven cards in our decks. Mr Miyagi teaming up with our Karate Kid.

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L.A. Dreams: A Mind is an Easy Thing to Waste

“If you take life too seriously you’ll never make it out alive.” Van Wilder

It seems silly taking a life lesson from a comedy movie, but wisdom can sprout from anywhere and dismissing good advice because it was from a fictional character seems like a waste. This line often comes to me whenever I take the time to breathe before going on tilt. I am often in my own head so deep that I can lose track of what is actually happening in front of me. That is often the case when people go into tilt.

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