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You’re a Designer, Harry! #20 – Other Worlds-ly Journey

Welcome to another installment of You’re a Designer, Harry! #20! Yay! …And it just so happens that this is the 200th Red Site Wins post! Woohoo!

If you’re new here, read the following two blocks of text!

This is the column where you follow the process of designing a Magic: The Gathering set from, at least, my perspective. While I’m the “lead designer,” YOU get to help out by leaving your feedback either by commenting here on this column or by tweeting me (I’m @bradleyrose)! Really, we’re all on the same level here, and some of you may clearly be “better” at designing than I am. But, that shouldn’t, and doesn’t, shy me away from doing what I’m doing. So, let’s collaborate! Read the rest of this entry