Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

The Exiled of Modern by Alaric Stein

 We all got hit by the bombshell of a banned list for Modern last week. Was Wizards of the Coast overzealous with this list? Maybe. Did they want a very different format? Yes. It’s possible that WOTC will change the banned list after PT Philadelphia if they want to use it as one of the formats at Worlds. Read the rest of this entry

Evolution of Big Red by Thomas Clark

October 2010’s rotation totally changed my builds for Magic the Gathering competitive deck play. After successfully playing Vampires or red-black combinations for nearly a year I finally decided to use the Jace, the Mind Sculptors I had acquired. I built a white/blue control deck utilizing Sun Titans, Squadron hawks, Day of Judgment and Roc Eggs (yeah. I said Roc Eggs). The theory was get out some eggs, blow up an agro board and suddenly I have creatures and you don’t. I would equip my sword of Body and Mind to a Roc and whoop on you. If this was 1995 it might have worked. In modern parlance, however, it sounds like a bad Caw-Blade build. And it was. I am trapped in my old school thought on deck building. I had retired from active play in 1995 after winning the first and only non-DCI State Championship for New York, not returning to an FNM table until 2009. Deck construction, regrettably, had been an unfortunate casualty of this. I didn’t understand the meta-game to save my life. I was a shadow of my former self. Read the rest of this entry