The Commander’s Chair – Sabbatical

At the end of March I posted my very first article here at Red Site Wins, Searching for Treasure. Five months and over ten thousand unique page views later, I am hanging up my pen for awhile. I will be looking for someone to take over this article series so that loyal readers will not be left without new Commander Content. As the most viewed author for the site, I believe it is my responsibility to provide an explanation for my departure.

As many of you know, authors on Red Site Wins are not paid. The sponsorship covers site fees and maintenance and nothing else. Authors here write because they love magic and want to share information with people. I like this system and it is one of the reasons I stuck with the site and became more involved. The fun in writing has all but disappeared for me. As a result of having no incentives outside of the enjoyment I get from writing, I have been finding myself less and less motivated to put pen to paper and finish an article.

While I know that many people have been reading the articles, I am unsure of what the reader’s opinions are of the content. I encourage you, if you like an article series, leave feedback. This goes for any site and any podcast. Authors spend a lot of time composing articles. If no one gives feedback, it is like shouting into a void.

Anyone who follows me on twitter will already know that I have been having increasingly negative experiences with the online Magic Community. I have been having a terrible time dealing with administrators, judges and pro-level players. I was planning on giving all the details of these interactions, but I realized that it would not benefit anyone. I will just say that many of the Magic “Celebrities” are unprofessional to the point that it would embarrass me if I were to ever be lumped into the same group as them.

Thank you to all of my readers, followers and friends who have been there to support my writing. I appreciate all the time you have spent reading the series and discussing Commander with me.


P.S. Since this is a Commander Article series I would feel amiss not to include some sort of Commander Content. Before I made this decision I was working an article that had to do with tokens. The article was going to focus on creating massive numbers of tokens, using either constant token generators or {x} token spells. Here are the lists I had put together so far.



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  1. No! *wails*

    Will you still be recording the podcasts?

  2. I am very sorry to hear of this. Hopefully the online Magic community can get its act in gear soon. I am a recent lover of Commander/EDH and these articles were always fun to read. Your departure will be met with much sadness, but it is very understandable. Kinda makes me glad I haven’t been attempting to go anywhere near ‘Pro’ Level. Best of luck with whatever paths you choose to take.

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