Daily Archives: August 25, 2011

Into the Arena: M12 Sealed TNMO #1

A long over due return of videos!

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Perilous Research 05: GenCon And Getting Back On Track

Hello, Readers. I’m sorry I haven’t posted any articles lately but since I’ve gotten back from GenCon things in my life went from being hectic to downright crazy. When I got back to work from my trip I found out that they moved our inventory forward a month, giving us only 3 weeks to prepare. On top of this three of our employees decided to quit. Fun times in the line of Retail. But, no one wants to hear about this. You’re hear to read about Magic! Let’s get to it.

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The Commander’s Chair – Sabbatical

At the end of March I posted my very first article here at Red Site Wins, Searching for Treasure. Five months and over ten thousand unique page views later, I am hanging up my pen for awhile. I will be looking for someone to take over this article series so that loyal readers will not be left without new Commander Content. As the most viewed author for the site, I believe it is my responsibility to provide an explanation for my departure. Read the rest of this entry