State of the Union #2 – We’re growing up

Hey everyone. We have some grand news for all of you faithful listeners. We now have a sponsor. Isn’t that great? What does that mean for you guys? Well, not a whole lot. We aren’t merging with the sponsor and such. So Red Site Wins is not going to become you’re one stop for all your Magic: The Gathering needs. However the benefits you, the reader, are getting from the sponsorship is that over time we will be improving the overall look and caliber of the site.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all who the sponsor is. It is Don’s Magic and Sundry. He is very active in the Magic online community and has been a huge help to us in the process of developing the site. Whenever I said “I wish Red Site Wins had a sponsor,” most people told me to go talk to Don. So, finally I did. Go check out his site. His prices are competitive while still being fair. And did we mention he carries card alters? Yeah, thought you’d like that.


About Amanda Stevens

My name is Amanda and I am a nerd. This fact will taint everything that will ever come out of my mouth. While I follow real world news, you would never know it. I prioritize most of my conversations around Magic the Gathering, anime, and League of Legends. Also, don't mention Green Lantern being gay to me, you will regret it.

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  1. I’ll just go ahead and say that you guys forgot to mention Don’s on the show notes. 😛

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