L.A. Dreams: Some quick M12 limited and Raffle Winners!

I will be announcing the winners of the raffle to get me to GP Montreal! I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved but there’s no way to put into words the experience. GP Montreal has gotten me to play more limited matches in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 2 sets released. I am still no expert but have a record of an 8-4 win, two finals of 8-4’s, 3 where I did not prize, and I was doing well in a 4-3-2-2 except for having to suddenly drop before finishing R2. Sealed has been strange and I am something like 10-6 or so. Enough with throwing around these almost useless numbers.




To make the most of this trip I have focused a lot on each game to learn as much as I can in time. Limited is so different from constructed because you have such limited tools for building your deck. You can’t even rely on the cards you open since 7 people take from the pack in draft and you can’t pass a junk rare for powerful uncommons in sealed. The mana in this format is also pretty greedy even in 2 color decks. I may sound like a parrot by repeating things some people have said. It’s similar to Zenidkar limited. But I think much more similar to when Worldwake came out and slowed it down a bit.

A trick in zendikar limited was starting off in BR and if one of those was over drafted you drop for a color that paired with what you had. Usually you paired them with white. Sometimes Black paired with Blue, and rarely you could use some Green cards with enough red removal. 

When I remembered that tactic I started drafting with UR in mind since it’s tempo can be so insane. Red pairs with everything pretty much and Blue works with Black and oddly I like it with Green. Green has been underrated from what I can tell, but it’s probably only good if it remains that way. I want my P1P6 Overruns! I think there’s still a lot for me to learn, but this has been a good starting point and given me a few shortcuts.

Now for the loot!


Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas: David Campano

Rev Tropical Island: Frank Canapino

Playset of FNM Squadron hawk: Daniel Chapman

Custom Foil Alter: zack levin

Urza lands to look all Tron like: Joseph Kirkman

Altered Pyroblasts by @moxymtg: Preston Hamill

Grand Prix Foil Umezawa’s Jitte: Jay Tuharsky

Dark confidant: Chris lansdell

Force of Will: Sean Patchen


I will see about doing a shout out for everyone else that helped me on Red Cast Wins. I was able to collect $500, which with a lucky find on a flight and getting to crash with Co-Site runner Amanda means I was just able to afford the trip. Might have to sell some cards on site but at least it’s not my whole collection.


Thank you all for the support!

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