Red Cast Wins #8 Sean the EDH Sensei

The group talks about the Showdown between Amanda and Luis. Sean lets them know they are both TERRIBLE at EDH but probably equally terrible. Jason joins us from Gencon and helps fuel the discussion about standard. Amanda also runs into a shady character at FNM and we let everyone know what to do in this situation.

Red Cast Wins #8 – Sean the EDH Sensei

Show Notes
Link to the donation/raffle

Intro Music:
Still Had All Deez by Tha Gatherin
You can buy the Album at —- The entire group —– Amanda Stevens — Sean Patchen – Luis Acosta – Jason Clark

Your Host(s): Luis Acosta , Sean Patchen , Amanda Stevens, Jason Clark
Show’s Email:


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  1. By the way, can I write for Red Site Wins? I left a email on for further information.

  2. By the way, who ended up winning the showdown?

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