Daily Archives: August 18, 2011

Red Cast Wins #8 Sean the EDH Sensei

The group talks about the Showdown between Amanda and Luis. Sean lets them know they are both TERRIBLE at EDH but probably equally terrible. Jason joins us from Gencon and helps fuel the discussion about standard. Amanda also runs into a shady character at FNM and we let everyone know what to do in this situation.

Red Cast Wins #8 – Sean the EDH Sensei

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Thran Utopia #21: Green’s ugly creatures and contraptions

Last week I thought I left you with a deck that needed some serious attention. Little did I know the deck was actually just a few steps away from what turned out to be a list close to my ideal. This week I can proudly talk of the deck in it’s current shape, which is exactly where I want it to be. Sounds good? Then read on! Also, we have slugs that spit and pods that birth. In short, no reason to stop reading. (Or three.) Read the rest of this entry