Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Financial – Gaining Value with Artist Attendance at Events

Today I am going to take a step out of my comfort zone in writing Magic articles. I’ve been playing Magic for a while and writing about playing the game comes naturally to me. What doesn’t come naturally to me is writing about the financial aspects of magic; buying, selling, and trading. This past extended weekend I had to pleasure to attend GenCon 2011. It was my fifth time attending the Best Four Days of Gaming. Normally I go to test new games, find interesting knick-knacks, and feed my girlfriend’s obsession with dice-sets. This year I went almost solely to play Magic. I attempted to grind into Nationals (which I failed to achieve, but thats a story for another day…i.e. tomorrow), played in a Midnight Madness Chaos Draft, and even the m12 Celebration Sealed event.

However, not only did I find myself actually playing magic, but doing a lot of trading as well. While going through my binders I had two specific pages that people kept stopping at and asking about cards in. These weren’t my two pages of Power, or my duals, or my shockland collection. These were a select group of cards that I collected before the event and purposefully put together on those two pages, even though to some people it looked like a random assortment of cards. The cards in question were Foil and Non-Foil versions of Child of Alara, Dhamia, both Ashlings, Ink-Eyes, Marrow-Gnawer, Glissa the Traitor (both normal and Prerelease), and Jenara. Why these cards? What’s so special about them beyond being awesome legends? Read the rest of this entry