The Commander’s Chair – Reaction to an Outsider

Earlier this week I posted an article, co-written by Jason about women in Magic.  The article contained interviews with both of our significant others.  The opinions expressed by the women in this article are solely their opinion and do not reflect opinions of women everywhere.  There are more and more women who enjoy playing Magic.  If you disagree with their opinion, or the opinion of Jason and myself that is your right.  I believe it is always better to have opinions expressed than have opinions censored.

The only suggestions that we were trying to make in the article were;

  • Treat other players with respect
  • Strive to make your local environment one that invites in new players
  • Stop denying that the stereotypical Magic players exist
  • We need to mature as a group for our hobby to mature and grow

It had been brought up that the issues that were addressed in the article are issues that are not exclusively Magic related.  You will find the same problems in any activities where young males (14-25) are a predominate demographic.

I am 100% positive that there are places to play Magic where new players would feel more comfortable learning and playing.   In a perfect world, all Magic shops would be this way.  We should learn from the example of the few shops that foster an environment that attracts new players.

It is important to see that the article only showed one very narrow view of the Magic world.  We should also look at Women who have had mostly positive experiences with Magic and see what attracted them to the game of Magic and what keeps them playing. On that note, I will be interviewing as many female magic players who are willing to be interviewed in the next week.  I agree that it is important to show all sides of an issue, not just the negatives.

If you would be willing to be interviewed, please email me at

Thank you,


-Sean T. Patchen



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  1. There’s a difference between recognizing that the stereotypical Magic player exists, and propagating the stereotype by throwing around stories about jerks and fat unwashed masses. Every time someone rants about Magic players being antisocial non-showering basement dwellers it brings down the community as a whole. It’s all the teenage-angst self-loathing being carried on far past its expiration date.

    If your local store is an awesome and friendly place, do your best to keep it that way and make sure players who are new to the game or the community go to your store instead of scumbag central up the street. If your store is not an awesome and friendly place, work to change that, or find a new store that is and warn people away from your old one.

    The Magic community has the potential to be very interconnected. It would not be hard to start a movement that begins to reward solid, welcoming communities and reduces the apparent death grip that immature jerks have on the impressions we give to outsiders.

    Not being a jerk yourself isn’t enough. You have to actively work to change the status quo.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with the the second two paragraphs of your reply.

      A stereotype is, “a set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly” – World English Dictionary.

      The women’s stories were real stories about specific events and their personal impressions of the Community. When I was interviewing Brena, I asked her feel free to be honest about how she felt. Her opinions do not come from a generalization of the Magic community. They come from her personal experiences with Magic players and Magic shops. While rants may hurt the community, the antisocial ablutophobics hurt the community even more.

  2. RealEvilGenius


    We aren’t trying to propagate the stereotype, just merely confirm that it exists. All too often people will see comments about the stereotype and ignore them, instead believing that the stereotype is just a misunderstanding of their social culture. Unfortunately, as more and more of these views are being expressed we have to begin to really look at our community for what it is. Sure, not all local gaming stores, clubs, FNMs, etc may not be like the ones the two women we interviewed have attended. But, the fact that places like that even exist is the point. “Well, go to another shop.” Well, we only have one LGS now. So, it’s either go there or don’t play. My girlfriend chooses not to play because of it. It’s the forcing of this choice that I have an issue with. I’ve tried changing views at the LGS, but to no avail on my own. This was my way of reaching out to the community to inspire others to get their own stores to change and be more inviting in hopes that maybe some day my own store would follow suit.

    Sean and I also understand that not all females have had these same experiences. We encourage and would love to interview other women from different areas of the community to get different perspectives on the subject of our community. If anyone out there would like to be interviewed pleas contact Sean and we’ll get it set up.

    @RealEvilGenius on twitter.

  3. Matthew Banister

    Its funny at my LGS outside of a few examples the magic players are college students or above and for the most part tend to be hygenic, there are a couple of exceptions. Though they as a whole those couple pale in comparison to the disgusting mass of yugioh players…and honestly i just dont understand why people dont bathe. I cant stand the smell of it even after working out,much less could i deal with it all day

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