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The Commander’s Chair – Reaction to an Outsider

Earlier this week I posted an article, co-written by Jason about women in Magic.  The article contained interviews with both of our significant others.  The opinions expressed by the women in this article are solely their opinion and do not reflect opinions of women everywhere.  There are more and more women who enjoy playing Magic.  If you disagree with their opinion, or the opinion of Jason and myself that is your right.  I believe it is always better to have opinions expressed than have opinions censored.

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State of the Union #1 – Standing Behind One’s Actions

Howdy, Amanda here. Usually I would be speaking to you all as the writer of Path to Casual or whatever other article I am throwing up on the site. But, today I can’t talk like that. Today, I need to speak to all of you as one third of the administrative staff of Red Site Wins. Yesterday, a joint article by Jason and Sean went up about why their significant others chose not to play magic with anyone but them. The idea for the article dates all the way back to an article by Jackie Lee on the site, Womanhood is not a Draft Archetype. We joked after recording an episode of Red Cast Wins that the only way to get views on the site was to not actually write about the game. Jason said he was going to interview his girl friend about why she won’t play Magic and Sean said it was a great idea and that they should do a joint idea.

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The Commanders Chair – Useless Article

Normally, this would be where I would post some sort of Commander tech and give advice about how to make your deck more suitable for your playgroup. Not today! Today, I am just too freaking excited about the face-off that will be going down in the next few hours.

For those of you who do not know, Luis, I play squadron hawks in EVERY format, Acosta will be facing off against Amanda, if I brew it – they will come, Stevens. You might be asking yourself, “Why are they facing off?” Here is the story;

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Going Through the Looking Glass and What the Path Looks Like Once You’re There by Alaric Stein

Let’s start by getting something straight: Judges are not agents for some evil organization intent on punishing you for mistakes. We’re generally nice, sane and we put on our shoes the same way as you do in the morning. Now that that’s out of the way, this article is designed to give you a general overview of the path to becoming a judge and what happens once you’re a judge. This article also contains some of my personal observations about judging, becoming a judge and a couple of advantages of being a judge and a player.

Ok, so for some reason you dive through the looking glass into the world of judges because you want to be a judge. What do you encounter? A judge (this is not necessarily the judge who will certify you as a judge), who asks you the ever-important question: “So, why do you want to be a judge? Hopefully if you’ve approached this judge, you have a answer that you believe in (I’ll give you a hint, if you’re doing this because of judge foils, getting product or anything like that, then judging isn’t for you. Yes, you get these things but it shouldn’t be the primary reason you want to be a judge). So, we’ll assume that you have a good reason for being a judge. I personally wanted to become a judge because I’ve always loved the rules of games and wanted to help run a fair environment for players. It was also thrust upon me due to being the rules guru in my group. Read the rest of this entry

The More You Know – An Outsider’s Prospective

We have a special treat for you today.  A double interview from to of the costars of Red Cast Wins.  Sean aka SwordtoPlow and Jason.  In this installment they interview their significant others about Magic and why some one would ever dream of not playing it.  Be prepared to have your feelings hurt and your eyes opened.

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