Red Cast Wins #7 – Samurai Showdown: Sean’s Glove of Twisting

We have Jason back on to discuss M12 limited experiences. The gauntlet gets thrown down between Amanda and Luis who will have a face off determined by the fans!

Red Cast Wins #7 – Samurai Showdown Sean’s Glove of Twisting

Show Notes:

Voting for the Formats in Amanda Vs Luis

Link to the donation/raffle

Intro Music:
Still Had All Deez by Tha Gatherin
You can buy the Album at —- The entire group —– Amanda Stevens — Sean Patchen – Luis Acosta

Your Host(s): Luis Acosta , Sean Patchen , Amanda Stevens
Show’s Email:


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  1. Red Cast Wins #7 – the most funniest podcast ever. Made me laugh.

    Also, what are the formats chosen for Amanda vs. Luis?

  2. If you guys talk about tilt a lot, why don’t you guys give some tips on how to avoid tilt?

    • auranalchemist

      Good point. Mostly we make the jokes, but we could go over how to handle these situations……Or keep making more jokes. It’s up in the air.

    • I think we’ll prob tackle tilt in the next cast. Well episode 9 to be more correct. I think my biggest issue with tilt is that I normally like to go back inside my head and put on music. And you’re not allowed electronic devices at large scale events

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