Red Cast Wins #6 – I Twincast Guest’s at You

We have two Guests tonight. Robert Martin of Podcast fame and Jason Clark our new writer on Red Site Wins. We hear some more stories of Sean making people quit magic and have some fun.

Red Cast Wins #6 – I Twincast Guest’s at You

Show Notes:
Link to the donation/raffle

Intro Music:
Still Had All Deez by Tha Gatherin

You can buy the Album at —- The entire group —– Amanda Stevens — Sean Patchen – Luis Acosta

Your Host(s):  Luis Acosta , Sean Patchen , Amanda Stevens
Show’s Email:


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  1. Keep it up – big fan. Also, what is Sean saying at the beginning of the podcast?

    • I am glad the quality is bad enough that you can not here what I said. It does not warrant repeating.

      • auranalchemist

        Don’t be modest. Sean was saying us that his catch phrase is that he loves the little children.

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