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Thran Utopia #18: The great submersion

A few days ago, I finally finished BioShock 2. It was a game I bought about a year ago when I saw what I thought was a very good deal on a special edition with a book full of beautiful concept art. I later learned that this ‘very good deal’ could be had everywhere, and that I could’ve bought it later for the same price. The game ended up at the end of a long queue of games. Luckily, playing it was, much like playing the first game, a very memorable experience. The novelty of Rapture had worn off a bit,  but the grim atmosphere and sceneries where still there. The effect Rapture had on me is what inspired me to write the following.

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Perilous Research #4: Predicting Standard Metagame Shifts

Competitive Magic has found itself in an odd place this year. There are large events that take place almost every weekend. With the modern technology available, a large portion of these events are now being covered live. Typically even the ones that aren’t being covered by webcasts can be followed via twitter as the players in the event constantly post how they and others are doing and what they played. This brings a change to the way we play the game in constructed formats like Standard.

Gone are the days of only changing your deck when a new Set arrived. Instead of making changes every three months, players are now changing their lists on a week-to-week basis. The formats are being played heavily every single weekend in events much more competitive than the local FNM. Players are there to win, and will usually only bring decks that they are sure they can win with. But unlike a few years ago, when you would pick a deck and play it for a whole season, you now choose your weapon of choice based upon changes in the metagame.

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Swimming With the Fish For the Second Time by Meg Schultheis

I sit down for round one of the Legacy Open, one of the main events at the SCG Open in Cincinnati this weekend, and begin getting my stuff situated onto the table. I hear a voice speaking to me and I look up.”Awww, I wish I was playing against you.” This guy, whom is playing at the table to my left, is trying to talk to me. I give a funny look and respond, “Why?” He says, “‘Cuz you’re a good matchup for me.” I realize I haven’t even pulled my deck out of my deckbox yet. “How do you know what I’m playing?” I’m vey confused at this point and he says, “I don’t.” I don’t respond and carry on with getting prepared for the long day ahead of me. I have been to quite a few Magic Tounaments in my life, but to be quite honest, this is one of the first deroggatory comments I have had directed in my direction. The players at my local card shop have a lot of respect for me and my ability to sling cards, and I take a lot of pride in that. But, this kid, whom I have never met in my life, has just judged me for being female. Read the rest of this entry

The Grinding Stone – Seattle Open

Let’s just jump right in it.  I needed this weekend.  Badly.  After not cashing or getting anything greater than the normal 1 point for each event over the last 3 events or so I was getting behind, both financially and in my quest for Level 8 in the Open series.  I had been playing good decks.  I had been doing some amount of testing (definitely not enough), and I felt like I had a good grasp on the Meta.  It hasn’t been a “Punt-fest,” but I have played some better Magic in my days.  This weekend was exactly what I needed.

Coming into this weekend, I had a solid 3 weeks of grinding/traveling laid out in front of me. Seattle for the open, then Pittsburg for the open, and then Indy for GenCon/Nats.  After my abysmal showing in the Invitational, Nagoya, Louisville and Cinci I was definitely questioning my drive.  I’ve been given a great opportunity this year and I needed to snap out of the funk I was currently in.  Read the rest of this entry

Top Tier Magic Episode #1

In the first Episode of the MTG Tournament Show we take a look at the recent tournaments to see how cawblade dominated the scene. We touch upon some Modern Format decks and the new Judge Foil. We’re looking for some Feedback to give you all what you want to see. Enjoy!

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The Commander’s Chair – Dueling Grounds

During the last episode of Red Cast Wins, there was a scuffle that may or may not have been cut from the recording. The result of the altercation is that Luis and Amanda will be battling for the right to ridicule. There will be 3 formats chosen for the face-off. You can vote on which format will be used here:ttp://

Votes will be taken until the end of the week. Right now, it looks like Commander will be one of the formats chosen. It will probably end up that neither of them will be allowed to use a list that I generate. They will be forced to build their own unique Commander list. With that feeling of equality in mind, today I will be giving some advice for playing Commander in a two player setting. Read the rest of this entry

Red Cast Wins #7 – Samurai Showdown: Sean’s Glove of Twisting

We have Jason back on to discuss M12 limited experiences. The gauntlet gets thrown down between Amanda and Luis who will have a face off determined by the fans!

Red Cast Wins #7 – Samurai Showdown Sean’s Glove of Twisting

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Thran Utopia #17: Taking a leap

As you will know by now, my decks tend to fall on the control-side of the spectrum. The cards I like are rarely fast critters; I love drawing cards more than anything, and I’ll take value over speed any time. Today, however, inspired by a MTG-article I cannot recall, I decided to get over it and try my luck at an attack-deck. The weird thing is, I’d rather play a slower deck and lose, than play a fast deck and win. Unless the fast deck is fast, but has enough flair and diversity to keep me interested. Now that my goals are set, only the execution is left!

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You’re a Designer, Harry! #12 – Mechanics, the Decisions Torn

Welcome back to You’re a Designer, Harry! Or, if you’re new here, hooray! In that case, here’s a summary: This is a collaborative Magic: The Gathering set design article series. We’re designing a four-color set and are currently attempting to nail down some mechanics. If you have anything on your mind regarding the improvement of the set design, please do: speak up! …No? Well, without further Ado —

O.K., here’s some further ado. Unlike last time where I’ll say at least a bit of a blurb about each faction’s woes + mechanics, we won’t be focusing on the other factions besides the one that come to mind recently: The “nothing” faction and the colorless faction. Read the rest of this entry

Perilous Research #3: m12 Sealed, US Nationals, and You!

Welcome back to Perilous Research! Today I’ll be covering a topic most of you have probably just recently had interaction with at your local prerelease or release events, m12 Sealed. I have to admit right now, that I am a sealed junkie. Nothing makes me happier than cracking fresh booster packs and looking to see what goodies await me inside that shiny wrapper. Usually for me this takes place when I’m drafting and I’m only going to get 2 cards out of the pack I open, and not at the same time. With Sealed however what you open is what you get. You don’t have to worry about opening that ridiculous booster holding a foil planeswalker and a non-foil planeswalker and having to pass the non-foil even though you opened it, and you therefor want it. This difference is what makes Sealed appealing to the people who will typically avoid drafting. While typically drafts happen a lot more often, Sealed is a lot more popular. This is probably the reason for it being the format of choice for Prerelease events.

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