From zero to Top Deck Hero: Tilt this!

Hello everyone! I know its been a couple of weeks since my last article but I hope it will be worth it.
My main focus in my articles is going to be standard and limited. I think the casual side of magic is covered very well with the rest of the site but I have had a crazy couple of weeks and have only been able to attend one FNM. I have however had multiple Commander games and two legacy nights at Coolstuffinc. south Florida. The one Friday night magic was more than enough to give me a great topic for this article. Not going on tilt!

Its Friday night and I show up to Cool stuff Inc. early, anticipating my first FNM in some time. I finish putting together my caw blade deck, and thanks to a few friends of mine I had all the cards I needed. I guess I could go into the details of my list but I don’t think that’s extremely pertinent at this moment. I will say I did have a Consecrated Sphinx in there and that card was the stone nuts in the mirror for me.

I bumped into a guy I had played against a few times in the past and he asked me if I would play test with him just a bit. I told him sure because I was wanting to see if my deck would run how I wanted it to. After going through a match with him I saw it was the well oiled machine I wanted it to be. Then again he was playing a deck I wasn’t very familiar with. It seemed like it was wanting to do the same thing caw blade does but without the blue cards. Not bad but couldn’t hack the caw.

After a bit of waiting and watching people sign up for the night it was time to start. FNM at Cool Stuff Inc. South Florida isn’t small. I believe the player count was in the high 20’s or low 30’s. Pretty big for most FNM’s I have seen.

Pairings posted. After taking my seat and introducing myself to my opponent I pull out my deck and shuffle it up. He was a very cool guy and was running a Mono Green infect list. Just about like most the others I have seen running around. There were a few close calls in this match but nothing that caw blade couldn’t handle in the end. Nice guy, good match. One win in the books for me on my quest. 1-0.

After a smoke and a diet coke went to the board to see what was up for round two. Took my seat and my heart jumped to my throat. Why you might ask? The person I was playing against. Don’t know his name but I have played him a few times in the past and he constantly kicks my ass. I get a grip on myself and sit down to get to it. As the game progresses I notice that he is playing a green blue Vengevine/ Fauna Shaman list. No big deal right? Wrong, in game one he used Fauna Shaman to dump a Vengevine and go get a Acidic Slime. Plays it blows up my 3rd land. Next turn he plays a Phyrexian Metamorph copying the Acidic Slime blowing up a 2nd land and now I’m down to one land.

Here my brain goes stupid I start thinking hes doing it again! This guy is going to own me. He pitches another Vengevine getting a Lotus Cobra. Plays the Cobra and a Birds of Paradise and swings with two Vengevines and one Slime. My board empty I scoop and say game two. It was to late for me I was already on tilt and once your sliding its hard to dig your way back out. I lost a 2nd game to him and packed my stuff heading outside for a smoke. 1-1.

As I was puffing away I was contemplating how I may have lost that game strictly because of how I felt sitting down to play against this guy. I decided to get my shit together and get my head back into the game so it didn’t happen again.

Pairings for match 3 went up and I took my seat. Another guy I don’t know but he introduces himself to me and I do likewise and we crack a few jokes. As the game begins we both see very quick that its the mirror. Nothing but nothing is more boring than Caw-blade vs. Caw-blade. The first game was terrible for both of us taking about 30 min of our 50 min time limit.

All things considered we both played very good. My head was back in the game even though I lost the first game of the match after boarding I took game two but it went all the way to time giving us a draw. I was satisfied with this. Lets just say I know we both were playing good magic, I wasn’t on tilt, and going to time for these two decks can happen.

So now all things considered I was fairly happy with how the night was turning out. Going into game 4 I was feeling like I was somewhat still in contention for possible top 8. Most people had left already and I was playing over at the table with the big boys.

This opponent seemed cool at first. Introduced himself and even had a couple of jokes to drop. That was until I played my first land. I play Celestial Colonnade pass. He says “Oh really?”. He plays an island and passes. I play a Inkmoth Nexus tap two play Stoneforge Mystic and he says “oh this figures everyone riding the Batterskull bandwagon!”. I stay quiet and pass my turn.

This continued on. Every play I made he was complaining about how bad the format was and how people like me are just exploiting the game to get easy wins. No big deal hes just tired of Caw-Blade like most people out there. I take note that he is playing some sort of Grand Architect build. I have heard that these decks are pretty sweet and so I don’t let my guard down. I win game one of the match.

Game two doesn’t go so well for me. He had a side board that was super tech against Caw-Blade. He plays land and passes. I play land and pass holding my Stoneforge Mystic ready to drop it next turn. He plays land taps two plays Torpor Orb. I face palm myself. This sucks for me but its ok I keep playing. Meanwhile this guy is still bitching about Caw-Blade and how only a moron would play it anymore.

The game starts swinging greatly in his favor. I stay quiet and keep playing but after awhile even the guy next to me looks at him like WTF. He wins game 2 and we go on to game 3. As this game goes on my opponent gets a very strong board presence he has two Tumble Magnets out and a Contagion Engine Proliferating over and over again. A Consecrated Sphinx that he keeps taping for mana. Wait what? Yes that’s right he is so focused on shutting me down and killing me with infect from a Inkmoth Nexus that he forgets he can actually be swinging at me with the Sphinx. I am on tilt here at this point because I hate playing a game where I have absolutely nothing I can do and my opponent is stroking himself. The whole time bitching about the deck I’m playing and how its too good and they should ban half the cards in it.

This guy gets a Blightsteel Colossus on the field finally and passes. I suppose he was fairly confident that its indestructible. I Revoke Existence on my turn and he looks at the board like how did that happen going into a spew about about how Caw-Blade always has answers for everything and that Wizards has allowed this format to be destroyed.

Just then a friend of this guy walks up and looks at the board seeing it overwhelmingly in his friends favor asks how this game is not over yet? I couldn’t take it anymore so I said “that’s because your friend here has had that Consecrated Sphinx on the board for like 6 turns now and instead of swinging with it he keeps tapping it for mana! This game could have been over two turns AGO!!”. Yeah if I wasn’t on tilt before I was now. I actually let another guy who was on tilt put me on tilt. I had no plays that would have stopped this guy from kicking my ass. He had all the answers and threats and I drew bad and had to mull down to 5 that 3rd game of the match. 1-2-1 final record for this night.

After pointing out this obvious error on his part I scooped up my cards and packed it in. Signed the slip giving him the game win. After having a smoke and talking with the manager of the shop for awhile just shooting the shit a guy comes up and says that his opponent never showed up to the table and so the manager gave him the win and when I looked at the game slip it was the guy who had just beat me. After talking all that shit and beating me he left.

After that I started contemplating the fact that on that match I was screwed and he won not because he was the better player but because he super teched his sideboard for Caw-Blade. So be it. I still let myself go on tilt and I reminded myself that people don’t win when they are on tilt.

I guess the moral of the story for this week guys is DONT LET YOURSELVES GET ON TILT! Nothing good comes from it. I can see now this is one of my biggest problems and will be working on it very hard for the next few weeks.

Till next time folks I’m that Zero trying to be a Top Deck Hero!


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