Tribal Wars: Fungus

In this week’s  The Commander’s Chair, Sean did a Tribal themed EDH/Commander deck. The tribe his listeners had chosen was Fungus. Which, as far as tribes go is pretty weak. It is pretty slow to get the Fungi spore upkeep affect going without using splashed colors to speed up the deck. And the lords are pretty meh at best. So, when I mentioned to Sean I would run a Tribal format deck list article of a 60 card version of his list I knew I might be biting off more than I could chew. The good news is that I think I may have done it. The bad? Its a Fungus deck? I am just kidding. I hope you all enjoy my walk through of my version of a Fungus Tribal deck.


The biggest problem for two colored decks is consistent mana bases. However, that has pretty much become a thing of the past since Wizard’s has made an effort to make dual lands in both enemy in ally colors. Granted, it is a little more painful to run enemy colors, but it is doable. The dual lands in this deck won’t set you back too much and the filter land is the only real expensive card, but that should drop as soon as it rotates out of Extended.


The creature portion of the deck is where the tribal aspect of the deck shines. The first thing I had to consider after looking at Sean’s list was to evaluate all the creatures he had in his deck and what should stay and what should go. The challenge to that is that EDH/Commander requires its creature base to be extremely versatile. So it runs cards like Eternal Witness for recursion, Sakura-Tribe Elder for land fetch, and Woodfall Primus as a beat stick and removal aspect.

However, the benefit to a 60 card deck versus the 100 card singleton is that we have safety in multiple copies of cards. So while Eternal Witness is great and all, she doesn’t have a home in this particular deck. The same can be said about Sakura-Tribe Elder and Woodfall Primus. With that said, I decided to cut practically every non Fungus creature in Sean’s version of the deck.

The next hardest part of the deck was deciding which Fungus to cut. I knew I wanted three copies of Thelon of Havenwood. Mainly because in a tribe where everyone is kind of a lord, Thelon is the closest thing to an actual lord. So if any one made the cut it was him. The next closest lord is Sporesower Thallid who allows your Fungi to add 2 spore counters a turn instead of 1. Which makes the deck not need to splash blue for Paradox Haze.

Other than that I made sure that the deck had a healthy mana curve for creatures. Which is really important to have in Tribal decks so that they can not only be able to play a dude a turn but also have the chance to play multiple dudes each turn as the mana gets more consistent.


Contagion Engine is in the deck to help take down the weenie decks. But also having double proliferate is a just super useful. It also helps prevent the need for Paradox Haze. The last six slots went to cards that can handle threats for the deck. After I play the deck some more I might decide if the deck needs some more support and less dudes, but I always tend to build dude heavy the first time around.

I tried to get as hard as I could to keep as close to the original deck Sean came up with as possible. It is extremely difficult to go from EDH/Commander, which is a lot broader of a format, down to a 60 card version. There is the difficulty of acessing what is really on EDH/COmmander viable and what is better for 60 cards. Then even going from there is just trying to ensure you keep the spirit there.


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