Red Site Wins at GP Montreal? Help Luis get there! Updated August-8

People that have been following us on twitter will likely have noticed talk about getting Luis to GP Montreal. As he just moved to Canada his wife is very cautious about saving money until he’s given documents to work. He did manage to talk her into a compromise that if magic can get him from Prince George, BC to Montreal then he’s allowed to go!(insert whipped sound/joke)

What’s in it for you? Knowing that you were a wonderful human being and helped out your fellow man…..Yeah. We didn’t buy that one either.

You can look forward to being mentioned on Red Cast Wins or at the very least a post thanking everyone. We’re also doing some give aways where every $1 USD earns you a ticket into the drawing to show that every dollar matters.. Every $5 earns a cumulative +1 point.

How close to the goal of 750?

Currently at 500! Which is  2/3rds of the way there.

Prizes so Far:

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas

Rev Tropical Island

Playset of FNM Squadron hawk

a CUSTOM FOIL ALTER by Cyril wong. Whos that? check these! (Thanks to JayBoosh!)

@CarlaArtist is giving alters of the Urza lands to look all Tron(aka awesome sauce) like

Altered Pyroblasts by @moxymtg

Grand Prix Foil Umezawa’s Jitte

Thanks to @Oreocorp a Dark confidant is a prize.

Force of Wills have been added to the pool! They will be raffled individually so 4 people can get one each. This is something a friend has offered to pitch in. The stipulation is that I have to have  600 in donations before he puts them up. One is being offered already so even if I don’t make it that far there is a Force of Will up for a prize. These are N/M condition.

Side stuff:

Jonathon Medina is giving 15% off any dual land from @legitmtg for those who donate.
– Limit 1 per donor.
– Based on SCG Prices.
– While supplies last.
More Dual land goodness!

We also do have plans to donate any money that passes our goal to Canadian Diabetes Association since Robert Martin and Conley Woods have made an effort to bring that effort to the front of peoples minds with their weight loss contest. Good luck to both of them in achieving their goals.

Donations will be closed August 13th.

You can donate by sending through paypal to

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this.


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  1. Is there a date deadline? If i gave $10 (12 entries?) and won on the first draw, would my other entries be in for the other draws?

  2. Results? Both your final total (I hope you met your goal) and winners?

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