Sitting Down with KYT of

Welcome everyone. Last week you were all treated to an amazing interview with Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin. This week, we are honored to have had the opportunity to KYT. Maybe you have heard of Kar Yung Tom. Ya know, the guy who is the lead host of the Eh! Team and Crazy Talk podcasts. Or maybe you’ve been to his site Or have seen him over on Twitter as @Manadeprived. KYT can possibly described as one of the hardest working men in Magic: The Gathering.


About Amanda Stevens

My name is Amanda and I am a nerd. This fact will taint everything that will ever come out of my mouth. While I follow real world news, you would never know it. I prioritize most of my conversations around Magic the Gathering, anime, and League of Legends. Also, don't mention Green Lantern being gay to me, you will regret it.

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  1. Nicely done 🙂

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