Railbirding Red Deck Wins


Let’s dive straight into the videos.

Introduction, Decklist

Match 1

Match 2

For my next offering, I have a stack of tickets and some Standard queues to burn faces in. Check back soon for video documentation!


PS: The best thing you could do to say, “Thanks!” for time spent recording these is to please point out play mistakes in the comments. 🙂


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  1. Brandon Cooper

    The last game of your u/b infect match you played a turn 2 P. Myr with a Necropede on the opponents side. By doing this you enable him to have a way to rid himself of the Myr before playing a Crusader. Obviously the guy piloting the deck misplayed and played out his Crusader anyway, but it would have been easy for him to Disfigure/Doom Blade/GftT his own Necropede to take out your Myr, clearing the way for his Crusader. The opponent doesn’t recognize it, but Crusader against RDW is basically a win. It’s a 5 turn clock and he has other ways of dealing with your creatures to give his Crusader time to do work. Basically, if he had done this, he could have killed you in 5 turns with Crusader, using Inkmoth to keep Koth from going ultimate.

    Also, keeping a 4 land hand against a deck running discard is dicey. On turn 3 you have 6 lands and 4 spells between the battlefield and your hand, not a good place to be for RDW. Fortunately, you were playing against a player who is new to U/B infect (I’m assuming at least) and you were still able to get there. I’ve gotten to where I almost never keep an opener that has 4 or more land.

    Hope I don’t come across as too critical. 🙂 I’ve been piloting the deck for a month or so now and I hope my experience has been of use to you.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Not too critical at all! Truthfully, pride aside, there’s no reason not to openly embrace misplays to try and do better next time. 🙂 I really appreciate the time you took to write all that.

      How have you been finding the CawBlade matchup?

      Thanks for watching! 🙂


  2. Funny Mistakes with the miss clicking. I chuckled a bit. Good stuff. Glad to see im not the only one who loves the red deck.

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