Into the Arena: Standard Daily BUG


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  1. I almost had a heart attack when you didn’t use Jace that one game. I think that might have cost you the game. And then I was shocked and how consistently you were able to draw land and nothing else multiple games in a row. I guess you were showing off the unpredictability of chance, like when rolling dice! Way to bring that game back with the Grave Titans too. I’m amazed at how versatile Jace is. I’m so used to seeing him in Caw-Blade that I had forgotten how useful he can be in other decks. I don’t own any, but it made me want to get some to play with my Tezzeret, AOBs. It was great to see some of the other planeswalkers and titans do some dirty work too.
    On other note, I know you got pretty frustrated with the last deck you played against. I feel like I should point out that you know you’re playing a red deck so you know that they have burn, that’s a given. What is the point of holding on to the Lotus Cobra? If you hang on to the card that just gives him more burn to throw at your face or at another option the longer you hang on to it. When playing against red, you have to assume that a given number of your creatures are going to get burned. At least by playing the Lotus Cobra you draw the burn out of their hand and they don’t have it to finish the game later on. You didn’t play the Lotus Cobra and then it got towards the end of the game and you were worried that he was going to draw burn and deal with you. In the end, he never touched the Lotus Cobra because you were so low on life that it wasn’t an issue. So, by not playing the Lotus Cobra early and then playing it late, you effectively countered your own plays out of fear of burn. I still think you played really well, but that the deck is super dependent on a wonky mana base and Grave Titans. Too much so, in fact.
    Anyways, it was nice to see a different deck played, but I agree that when it comes to winning Caw-Blade is so amazingly consistent that it can’t help but win. The other decks you’ve played recently seem really dependent on one or two particular cards and that makes it hard to win.

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