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From Outside the Game #2 Dial Legacy for Murder

(We open with the stage in full dark.)

Bullet: I have called you all here because Legacy’s death was not natural as you so wish I would believe, one of the people in this room is… a MURDERER!

(Everyone cries out astonished gasps and cries of protest as the lights come up. We can see a typical drawing room, several couches and chairs are arranged throughout it. Along the back is a picture window mostly covered by luxurious curtains, occasionally light will flash through the window from the storm raging outside. An antique grandfather clock sits in the corner, standing next to it is Private Detective T. Bullet, wearing a trench coat and fedora, his back is to the audience. Sitting in the chair to his left is an older stone-faced gentleman with a monocle and handlebar mustache, the Count de SCG. Sitting to his right is a young man in an expensive suit with a girl on each arm, the head of BAMF Associates, Mr BAMF. He is talking on a top of the line cell phone constantly, ignoring everyone else in the room. Next to BAMF on a separate couch is a man wearing a Roseanne t-shirt, WOTC, the grieving father. He is very emotional and can barely sit still. Near WOTC is Professor Little, he is wearing a stereotypical tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows, he is playing with a pipe that he never lights. Off to the far side sits a plain looking girl, Extended. No one pays the slightest attention to her. In the far back corner of the room are several Reporters, typing on laptops, taking pictures, etc. A bright flash of lightning and a crash shakes the stage as we begin.) Read the rest of this entry