Into the Arena: TNMO Sparkblade

Posted on April 23, 2011, in Into the Arena. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I didn’t get to watch all the matches but the first three revolved a lot more around Gideon and Celestial Colonade than Jace in the past. I’m not sure that the Basilisk Collar and Cunning Sparkmage combo added anyting to the deck. The Bolts were a good answer to Jace and if the Inferno Titans had ever hit the field I’m sure they would have had an impact. They always do. It was nice to see a bit of a twist to the deck that I feel like I’m always seeing. I’m not sure what that guy playing green/black was doing. He seemed all over the place. Anyways, good stuff!!

    • auranalchemist

      I had been wondering why sparkblade fell out of favor. It really is the mana. I didn’t notice just how important gideon had become, but new I didn’t fear jaces as much. Good thing to have noticed.

      I hope R1 Opp watches this and lets me know what he was playing. lol.

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