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You’re a Designer, Harry! #3 – A Whole New World (Or Five)

Hello, again, designers!

When Did You Last Let Your Heart Decide?

As a refresher,  this is where we are at now:

The anti-mana concept (a mana symbol  that represents all colors of mana except one) is going to be used in this block (until it proves to be a problem in playtesting, of course). Whether it’s a first set innovation or a third-set twist is still up in the air. The five different civilizations, each isolated by a natural barrier embodying a color of mana, are going to be described in their initial concepting below. The civilizations will be split among the first two sets of the block a la Ravnica with three civilizations introduced in the first set (each having their own new mechanic) and the last two civilizations in the second set. The third set would be what happens when these separated civilizations finally meet and where the block’s antagonist would be revealed. Read the rest of this entry

Red Card Loses: Why I Play Blue

Deck selection is one of the most important factors in tournament success.  Choosing the right deck can allow you to do well despite a lack of preparation or being a weaker player than your opponents, while choosing the wrong deck will end your tournament before it begins regardless of any edge you have in play skill, experience, or knowledge of the format.

I consider myself a Spike, and any tournament I enter I intend to win.  Since I came back to the game after a hiatus and started playing competitively near the end of Ravnica block I have played UR IzzeTron, UW UrzaTron, UB Mystical Teachings, Four/Five Color Control, UW Control, Mythic, UW Control, CawGo, and CawBlade.  All of these but Mythic were the premier control decks of their time.  Part of the reason I have always chosen these decks was that I am familiar with and enjoy playing control, but the Spike part of me makes me think that I would play a different deck if I thought it was the best deck for a given tournament. Read the rest of this entry