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Into the Arena: Caw-Blade vs Smi77y’s Aggro Valakut

I do battle with Smi77y from 60cards.com

You can find his list here

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Into the Arena: Caw-Blade for National Qualifiers

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You’re a Designer, Harry! #2 – What Can I Get You Folks?

Welcome (back), designers! For those who’ve missed the last article or need a refresher:


This “You’re a Designer, Harry!” column I’m writing (Ah, I should have picked a better name!) is related to Magic: The Gathering design. Instead of just designing a Magic set, I’ve decided to write about the process as well, which you can read about every Wednesday here on Red Site Wins. However, this is more than just following the process I go through creating the set, as my readers are involved in the design of the set as well. What I mean is that the design and creative decisions that go into defining the set are open to be affected by the readers from their feedback. You can write a comment at the end of this article about why a certain thing should be a certain way or suggest a new idea for another aspect of the set, and etc. (or you can tweet me at @bradleyrose). I’m like the lead designer of the set, and you (if you so choose to be), in addition to other participating readers, are part of my design team.

So here’s where we’re at now in designing this Magic set: The theme of the set is “four colors matters.” Taking into consideration the input I’ve received from last week, I’ve decided to bring back hybrid to support the “four colors matters” theme. This is in terms of gameplay mechanics for the set. Read the rest of this entry