Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

The Commanders Chair #3 – Ominous Teachings

Last week, I mentioned the combination of Prismatic Omen and Vedalken Shackles. There was a comment posted this weekend inquiring if a deck could possibly be built around Prismatic Omen.  I started to type up an answer when I realized that the response was going to be an article in itself.

I have been using Prismatic Omen in my Commander decks for some time.  I started including Prismatic Omen in five color decks alongside Mycosynth Lattice as a major mana fixer.  After all, what could be better than not having to care which land you tap for mana.  Prismatic Omen even lets you tap lands like Eye of Ugin for mana.  I would include large, normally difficult spells to cast like Cruel Ultimatum. Read the rest of this entry

Path to Casual #1 – Introduction to Tribal Wars

Howdy folks, Amanda here to tell you guys about Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars is a format of Magic: The Gathering that challenges the player to focus more on the creature aspect of the game than any other spell type. Another fun aspect of Tribal Wars is the fact that allows you to loosen up and delve into all the flavorful areas of MTG.  Instead of the focus purely being on the best cards to win the game, Tribal Wars is more about the best creatures to get you to the gold.  And with the “creature creep,” Wizards push to make creatures “good”, Tribal Wars is growing to be a stronger and stronger format. Below the fold are a  few rules for this format that I will share with you guys. Keep in mind, these are Wizards of the Coast‘s  rules. Read the rest of this entry