Daily Archives: April 9, 2011

Budget Deck #1 Introduction to the Goblin King.

So after reading through my fellow authors’ articles, I realized that I jumped into it last week with out properly introducing myself. My name is Jonathan “The Goblin King” Logan. How did I get the nickname “Goblin King”? Well by playing Goblins of course!

I was piloting my beloved mono red goblin list during one fateful FNM, playing five mirror matches. After winning my fourth mirror and moving on to the fifth, word had started spreading amongst the other players.  I played against the only other red deck remaining during the top four. Someone behind my shoulder asked my friend Jason about my sideboarding choice.”Really? Why bring him in?” Jason responded with a simple, “Watch, he’s the Goblin King. He’s got this.”I smirked at the remark from Jason as I sided in all 3 of my Tuktuk, the Explorer. After the match was over and my opponent had lost to Tuktuk (and his token), Jason reminded, “See! The Goblin King.” The name stuck. Read the rest of this entry