Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

I’m BAD at this game, and so are you

“I can’t believe I scrubbed out and someone that bad is still doing well. Look at all those mistakes!”
“I can’t believe that guy won the PTQ! You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s so bad!”

Those statements are usually followed with something along the lines of, “yeah, this format is skill intensive” in the most sarcastic way. Or, my personal favorite, “I can’t wait until next PTQ season; as if anything’s going to change,heh.
Well, actually, two things could change between the current season where there is ‘no skill involved’ and the next season. First, the format will be different and new cards will be present. Second, you could change the way you think about the game. Now I know that second statement seems very broad so let me explain. Read the rest of this entry

You’re a Designer, Harry! #1 – Howdy, Folks

Hi, I’m Squirrel. My affinity for squirrel decks started about a decade ago.

Hi, I’m Luigi. During college, it was common to see me garbed in clothing resembling those that belong to a familiar, green-hatted Italian plumber.

Hi, I’m @bradleyrose . I most frequently tweeted and followed Magic-related “tweeps” during The Great Designer Search 2.

But, most importantly…

Hi, I’m Bradley Rose. I won’t be writing Magic strategy articles here. Neither will I be writing about any other non-sanctioned kinds of Magic like Commander or Cube. Nay, my articles will be related to Magic design. Read the rest of this entry

Budget Deck Wins!

In a competitive world where Jace, The Mind sculptor, Sac lands, Swords and Stone forge Mystics seem to be king; the price minded player might feel like they are left behind unable to keep pace with the best and most costly of decks. Most of what I have read in the way of budget builds are untested deck lists that may or may not work. And, lets be real, most of the time they do not work anywhere near as well as they look on paper. Other budget minded writers have written about specific cards rather than attempt a full on deck and sideboard which leaves most to struggle alone trying to piece together something around the suggested card. Finding the right mix can take a lot of trial, error, time and play testing. Read the rest of this entry

From Outside the Game #1 -Portrait of a Pack Cracker

There is a pack of M11 sitting on the desk next to me. The one with Phylactery Lich’s artwork on it. I am going to do something to it. Something many people out there will consider wrong, even evil. I am going to crack it.

You mean you are going to open it, select one card out of it and pass it to the person next to you?

Incorrect. Read the rest of this entry